Tenant representation for high-ambition retail companies

Strategize smarter, lease better and grow according to plan

Premium commercial real estate merged with multiple core qualities.

Support your growth and expansion strategy in a prime location with maximum footfall. A continuous follow-up to identify new opportunities or detect possible pitfalls. And negotiated terms that suit your business to the full.

Retail Point specializes in tenant representation for retailers who thrive in the best in commercial real estate. Experience the benefits of a comprehensive vision on the market, with your current and future best interests in mind.

In the end, it’s all about you

Execution without strategy is wasted effort. To achieve your company objectives, planning your expansion meticulously is key.

From expansion planning to in-depth market screening, from thorough property analysis to technical and legal follow-up, from lease negotiations to delivery and beyond: Retail Point ensures your commercial real estate strategy is always attuned to your game plan – and the realities of the market you operate in.

Why renowned clients rely on Retail Point

A wide range of acclaimed companies rely on Retail Point to ensure their commercial real estate interests are taken to heart.

Retail Point chooses market insights, expansion planning, and comprehensive guidance to maximize their business impact.

These brands each have their unique story to share. Find out why they prefer working with Retail Point.

The story behind the mission

The full story and purpose.

Yves Walravens and Philippe Simons both worked in commercial real estate for years. They’ve known the broker side of the market, and thrived in it, before asking their million-dollar question: Why isn’t anyone focusing solely on the interests of commercial retailers?

A question that led to the founding of Retail Point, and the exceptional approach that sets the company apart from competitors.

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