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Burger Brands and Retail Point

The retail real estate ingredients for successful fast-food operations

If you enjoy a tasty burger on a hot bun, with some crispy fries on the side, then you’ll surely appreciate Burger Brands. This company manages all Quick and Burger King restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg.

With 80 Quick restaurants and 35 Burger King in Belgium alone, this fast-food supplier is a burger chain to be reckoned with. Needless to say, expanding these brands, boosting their market share, and identifying the right retail real estate opportunities to support that growth, goes hand in hand. And that’s precisely where Retail Point comes in.

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Kevin Derycke from Burger Brands Belgium

One of the nice things about working with Retail Point is that they don’t feel like an outside partner. We’re almost co-workers, it seems.

Forging a partnership: nothing Quick about it

Retail Point and Burger Brands go way back”, says Kevin Derycke, CEO of Burger Brands Belgium. “I’ve known Philippe for over a decade now, and we’ve been working closely together since 2016 – first for Quick,  and now for Burger King too.”

“One of the nice things about working with Retail Point is that they don’t feel like an outside partner. We’re almost co-workers, it seems. They keep their eye on our strategy, non-stop, providing input that makes our approach even better, and are always there to build a long-term, win-win collaboration.”

Expansion planning: checking all the boxes

“When we launched our five-year expansion plan in 2017, Retail Point was there from the start to put it into practice. We aimed at opening several dozen restaurants in the Belux, and we’re well on track of overdelivering that goal.”

“Mind you, there’s a whole set of requirements a property needs to live up to in order to qualify as one of our burger restaurants. Retail Point knows precisely what we’re looking for, and they always deliver the best possible options.”

An empire fit for a Burger King

Building a fast-food chain empire through a suitable retail real estate portfolio isn’t something you do overnight. It requires strategizing, planning, analyzing, and re-assessing all opportunities and pitfalls.

“Retail Point always comes back to us with the best possible properties, with their pro’s and con’s nicely listed. They meet every week with our development team, with management attending on a bi-monthly basis. That way, they keep their finger on the pulse of our plans and strategy.”

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A service you can sink your teeth in

“After we’ve selected our properties of choice, they make sure everything is handled, down to the smallest detail. Pricing negotiations, drafting contracts, talking to owners, finetuning the financial conditions… They deliver the full package.”

“When the restaurants open and everything is good to roll, Retail Point continuously monitors lease contracts and agreements, warns us about leases ending, or important renewals. They stay on top of their game, making sure our operations can run smoothly.


Secret ingredients: transparency and honesty

“What I appreciate most about Yves and Philippe’s way of working is the transparency. Their honesty, commitment to performing their best for their clients… You know, they negotiate our terms as if it were their own. I’m guessing that’s the foundation of their reputation. We can rely on their independent advice, knowing they work with our best interests at heart.

What’s cooking for the future?

So, what does the future hold for Burger Brands and Retail Point? “Well, our five-year expansion plan is coming to a successful close – but we’re already busy launching our next one.”

“Rest assured, Retail Point will remain a driving force behind the expansion and consolidation of our brands. In the next 5 years, they’ll be looking for dozens of additional properties for Quick and Burger King. Because they know the market better than anyone else.”

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