Way Of Working

The Retail Point Way Of Working

The roadmap for maximum commercial real estate impact


The road towards the successful optimisation of your stores and consumer touchpoints, runs through our offices

No detail is left uncovered, no strategy unspoken

Expansion planning

Your growth strategy requires an in-depth plan for expansion to determine the optimal locations for your future stores.


Market screening

We tap into our extensive network and analysis hub to provide you with a deep screening of the market you want to operate in, and the opportunities held within.


Potential property tour

We do the groundwork and filter out the best properties fit for your business. Together, with your dedicated people, we inspect this selection, screening them on commercial and technical requirements. We map your delivery requirements and take them with us into the next phase.


Lease proposal

Based on your technical requirements, we draft a personalized proposal for your future lease. We consider each aspect of the property, defining a suitable budget and practical framework.


Lease negotiations

The results get put to paper. We approach the owner, propose a lease amount, draft the functional and technical agreement, touch base with everyone involved, and draw up the final agreement. 

We’ve got your needs in mind each step of the way, your technical requirements, delivery requirements, and your clients’ expectations. After the signing of the contract, we will even officially register it.


Delivery inspection

Once the lease is delivered, we inspect the property. We check all the details in the agreement were fully met and complied with. If not, we intervene to ensure compliance with the contract.


Follow-up and assessment of opportunities

Our team stays on top of price indexing arrangements that might impact your lease and inform you about moments that allow you to terminate contracts. We ensure a commercial follow-up of the lease agreements, including possible renewals, terminations, notice periods, and advice on more suited locations or properties in terms of location and market value.


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