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Deichmann Group and Retail Point

Strategizing for the long-term – and guiding clients through perfect storms

The Deichmann Group is Europe’s largest shoe retailer. The company, active in over 30 countries worldwide, manages more than 4.250 brick and mortar stores. They are the holding above well-known brands like Snipes, Deichmann and vanHaren

Fun fact: did you know, the group sold over 150 million shoes in 2019? Quite impressive, right!

Shandy den Os from vanHaren

At vanHaren, we have a moto that goes “Together, we can achieve anything.” Retail Point showed us that they always act in the spirit of that philosophy, as well.

Looking for a dedicated Belgian partner

In 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic turned everything upside down, the Belgian branch of Deichmann Group internally assessed their expansion and commercial real estate (CRE) management strategy. They concluded that achieving their CRE goals through an experienced and dedicated Belgian partner would have some irrefutable benefits.

A cultural fit

The Deichmann professionals set out on their search for the right partner based on multiple criteria. They needed a partner with an extensive network in the proprietors, retailers, and broker community, with a solid reputation of doing business fairly.

It was crucial that the required partner was a cultural fit with the Deichmann values. After a market and partner analysis, they turned to Retail Point.

Takeovers + corona: the perfect storm

Shortly after officializing our collaboration, the corona pandemic broke loose, presenting unprecedented challenges and negotiations.

To top it off, the group decided to take over 40 branches and attached lease contracts of the recently bankrupted Brantano Group. The lockdown that followed the take-over led to additional conciliatory negotiations with the owners of those branches.

In retrospect, the timing of our collaboration couldn’t have been better planned. “Retail Point was the experience captain that led us through the real estate aspect of the corona hurricane” Shandy den Os, vanHaren’s Real Estate Manager, said.

“They acted as true team members when we took over the lease contracts from Brantano. They scaled  and really stepped up to the plate when we needed them.”


6 people, 6 laptops, one goal

“When we took over Brantano, we sat everyone down in one room, opened our laptops, and structured all the lease contracts and associated official documents. They analyzed, assessed, and advised up to the smallest detail, for each individual lease.”

“At vanHaren, we have a moto that goes “Together, we can achieve anything.” Retail Point showed us that they always act in the spirit of that philosophy, as well.”

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