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Enabling the expansion of Rituals

Retail Point are Rituals’ feet on the ground in Belgium & Luxembourg

Rituals is the go-to brand for customers who value a moment of pure wellness, cherish their me-time, and only settle for premium care and wellbeing products with a luxurious touch. Their high-quality product range speaks to millions, and their stores are designed to be an oasis of luscious wellbeing.

This Holland-born company successfully grew to become a global brand, with touchpoints in self-owned brick and mortar boutiques and a wide range of warehouses around the world.

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Jan Eising from Rituals

Retail Point knows the ins and outs, the specifics you might miss as an outsider – but which can make all the difference.

How cultural insights make all the difference

For Belgium and Luxembourg, Rituals turns to Retail Point when they’re in need of in-depth local market knowledge, sound advice on expansion strategy, and property management that allows them to focus on their core business.

We sat down with Jan Eising, Rituals’ Director of Real Estate and Expansion for a talk about expansion strategy, the need for cultural insights in a local market, and how Retail Point continues to support their operations.

The devil is in the details – and so are the opportunities

“We started our collaboration with Retail Point about ten years ago. We started our expansion with brokers we knew from our Dutch operations, but quickly concluded that things work quite differently in the Belgian market.”

“It’s the small things, contract details that might impact your lease and length of standard leasing terms, for instance.”

Turning network into insights

“Retail Point was initially requested to manage our properties: signaling when leases were at an end and needed renewal, that sort of thing. Throughout the years, they grew to become a sparring partner for our expansion manager for the Benelux.”

“They know a lot of retailers and property owners and have smooth access to the market which makes them a fountain of market-ready insights".

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The future: on a mission to perfect the strategy

“For us, that’s exactly wherein lies the value. Their network and local contacts make Retail Point our feet on the ground in the Belgian and Luxembourgish retail real estate market. They know the ins and outs, the specifics you might miss as an outsider – but which can make all the difference.”

“Today, management is still one of the things Retail Point oversees for us. But they do more than that. Advising on locations and properties, drafting white spot lists… In the coming years, we’ll be perfecting and finetuning our presence in the Belux market. I’ve no doubt that their expertise will support our strategy there.

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